JusticeSectorInstitutionalIndicatorsforCriminal Case Management EffortsonSupranationalandNationalLevel

This publication reviews the existing practices of courts’ performance measurement and criminal cases management based on the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness, transparency, quality care, benchmarking, result orientation and accountability. These efforts are considered on supranational and national level as two components of the process of implementing a quality model in the justice sector, growing increasingly intense at EU level.
At national level, the report examines the achievements in implementing performance indicators in England and Wales, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, France and Spain, as well as in Romania. The normative, policy and strategic framework of Bulgaria and Poland is also tackled in order to cover the prospects for introduction of such indicators in the two target countries.

This publication was part ot the Project “Tracking Progress in Strengthening the Criminal Justice Indicators for Integrated Case Management (e-Tools)” (JUST/2009/JPEN/AG/0645).