European Parliament, 26 March 2012

EP Hearing March2012 1On 26 March 2012, the Center for the Study of Democracy, in partnership with Ms. Mariya Nedelcheva, Member of the European Parliament, the International Association Droit au Droit (Belgium) and the Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), organised a Public Hearing on "Improving Criminal Justice Systems in Europe: The Role of E-Tools and performance indicators", which was held at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The Conference generated an in-depth discussion on existing practices, challenges and perspectives regarding the e-modernization and quality evaluation processes of criminal justice systems in the EU Member States. Discussion focused on the development of the use of information and communications technologies (E-Justice) as well as possible performance indicators aiming at improving the quality, efficiency and transparency of the Judiciary, in particular regarding criminal justice cases.



EP Hearing March2012 2The Conference also provided an opportunity for presenting the results of a comparative study on EU Member States on these issues, with a particular focus on Bulgaria and Poland, which has been carried out by the Bulgarian Center for the Study of Democracy in the framework of a project supported by the European Commission.

The Public Hearing was opened by H.E. Ms. Margarita Popova, Vice-President and former Minister of Justice of Bulgaria, and Mr. Jaroslaw Paszke, Director, Department of Informatization and Court Registers, Ministry of Justice of Poland. Among other speakers were law practitioners, experts in criminal judicial systems, NGOs and international organisations representatives, as well as Members of the European Parliament and other European institutions representatives.





Agenda (Adobe PDF, 167 KB)
Short bios of speakers (Adobe PDF, 97 KB)

Mr. Jarosław Paszke (In Polish, Adobe PDF 120 KB)
Mr. Jarosław Paszke – summary (Adobe PDF, 98 KB)
Mr. Dick Heimans (Adobe PDF, 1.01 MB)
Mr. Dimitar Markov (Adobe PDF, 348 KB)
Mr. Maurice van der Velden (Adobe PDF, 506 KB)
Ms. Dominika Hojerova (Adobe PDF, 138 KB)
Mr. Francesco Contini (Adobe PDF, 660 KB)
Mr. Piotr Karlik (Adobe PDF, 1.86 KB)

Dr. Maria Yordanova – Opening Remarks (Adobe PDF, 91 KB)
Ms. Sophie De Biolley (Adobe PDF, 313 KB)
Mr. Nicola Giovannini (Adobe PDF, 71 KB)
Ms. Dominika Hojerova (Adobe PDF, 140 KB)
Mr. Pior Karlik (In Polish, Adobe PDF, 191 KB)
Mr. Piotr Karlik (Adobe PDF, 47 KB)


The event was organised in the framework of the 
Project “Tracking Progress in Strengthening the Criminal Justice Indicators for Integrated Case Management (e-Tools)” implemented by the Center for the Study of Democracy, Droit au Droit, Adam Mickiewicz University (PL), with the assistance of the European Public Law Organisation (EPLO), and supported by the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union.


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